Our Optimised Chauffeur Services For The New Normal

our optimised chauffeur service for the new normal

Since late 2019, it became difficult across the globe for masses to grapple with Covid-19. Its complications caused uncountable deaths worldwide which resulted in lockdowns for various countries. Everyone was reminded to stay at home, perform proper sanitation regularly and maintain social distance, as it helped to slow down the spread of the virus. But, fortunately, with the passage of time things started to move in a better direction and nations started to prepare for openings in phases.

In situations like these, when caps on travelling are being lifted, people started wondering what would be the best ways to effectively reduce the risk and protect themselves from the danger while commuting from place to place, and are chauffeur services Melbourne rendering safe transits?

We at Melbourne Chauffeur would like to apprise you of the fact that we are trying our best to provide our customers with safety measures to keep them protected against the virus. We are the indispensable pillars of the group, and therefore we are doing our best to keep them protected as well.

If you are planning to resume your trips, continue reading to be aware of the precautionary measures your trusted chauffeur hire Melbourne Town Car Se is deploying to keep you safe and healthy in the new-normal.

All our chauffeurs Melbourne are instructed to maintain proper hygiene in and outside of the vehicle. With every trip starting or ending, we advise them to wash hands and face and sanitise regularly along with putting on the face mask. They are also required to sanitise the parts of the vehicles that are exposed to the customers as well as chauffeurs’ usage, like: steering wheel, door handles, dashboard, door buttons, seat belts, gear shifters and touch screens.

The exterior of a vehicle is less vulnerable to hold on the virus, according to the researches, as the presence of the sun helps to lessen its survival time. However, for the assurance of safety, it is mandatory for every chauffeur or maintenance teams to conduct cleaning of the exterior parts of chauffeur cars Melbourne as well, especially those which are touched the most.

Although chauffeurs are known for their diligence, assisting their clients from placing luggage to opening of the doors and keeping good company, some of these hallmarks are restricted due to pandemic. The client’s safety and comfort are vital for every chauffeur; hence, they choose to keep social distancing in practise. Also, they have been enlightened to deploy no-handshake policy.

However, it takes more than just a clean hand for travelers to be protected from the virus, chauffeured vehicles can also be a potential source of infection when proper sanitation and disinfection are neglected. Thus, it’s better to seek a reliable chauffeur hire Melbourne who can ensure your safety and well-being.