How to Travel Safely with your Child

How to Travel Safely With Your Child

We know it’s stressful traveling with a child in tow. Apart from the responsibility on your shoulders, you have to carry heavy luggage along with a car seat, a travel crib, and a stroller as well. All children under 8 years should be in a car seat while riding in a vehicle. 

While many buckle up with the child on their lap, it’s not #1 on the recommended list. The Australian Road Deaths Database reveals that in 2018, there were as many as 34 deaths caused by road accidents, a rate of 0.7 per 100,000 children. Well, that should worry you! 

Read on as we share valuable tips on how to travel with your child safely. 

Get a Light-Weight Car Seat

There are a plethora of car seats on offer in the market. Go for a seat that’s light as that makes the journey easier. A lightweight seat is handy when you are traveling with a child considering that you have to carry along a lot of luggage for the child anyway. To eliminate the trouble of carrying stuff, you could also consider booking baby seat taxi Melbourne

Take Along a Car Seat Carrier

A car seat carrier makes your child’s seat move around smoothly. This makes transporting your child from one taxi to another or carrying him/her around much easier. It gives you the convenience of keeping your child seated in the car seat while the carrier becomes mobile, helping you do away with a stroller. Chauffeur Cars Melbourne can be proved very helpful here which comes with a baby seat. 

Know the Requirements of your Child

While the child seat laws vary among countries, the need for safety is universal. The child seat you would need for a heavier child would be different from that for a child who is underweight. The age matters too as the younger children would have different requirements. 

Approach a Taxi Service

There are taxi services such as Executive Cars that’ll provide you with Chauffeur cars with pre-installed child seats. Here, you won’t need to carry your own car seat. Therefore, we ask you to plan well in advance and book a baby seat taxi Melbourne. However, it’s much more convenient if the taxi arrives with an installed car seat and it eases a lot of the stress as well. Chauffeur cars with well-trained chauffeurs are a bonus. 


Your child’s safety is paramount. Our tips on how to travel safely with your child are sure to prepare you better for the challenge. Executive Cars offers the best baby seat taxi Melbourne based services. Our professional chauffeur Melbourne situated service gives your child much-needed safety.

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