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Located at Australia’s South East Coast, a 90-minute ride from Melbourne, Phillip Island is a magnificent place to enjoy with family. Omnipresent blue waters, golden-yellow surface and a variety of flora and fauna — Phillip Island is packed with picturesque views. Executive Cars provide luxurious chauffeur service for Phillip Island tours. Book our Phillip Island chauffeur cars and enjoy a day in leisure.


Besides the lazy koalas, short-tailed shear water and kangaroos, the island is home to thousands of little penguins. Executive Cars, a premium taxi service provider offers clients a hassle-free chauffeur service to Philips Island to enjoy this must-watch view.

Why Is The Phillip Island Penguins Tour A Must Visit?

Travel geeks all across the globe plan their visit for Phillip Islands Penguins Tours at least once in a lifetime. Thousands of penguins wobbling into their burrows after the sun sets, fill the tourists with awe. These little black and white coated birds are just around 33 centimetres tall. It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous to look at such a large number of penguins parading together to their destination.

Chauffeur Service For Phillip Island Tours

With the professional service provided by Executive Cars, easily reach the boardwalks and viewing towers or stands for a wider view of the penguins. The VIP viewing towers provide an up-close view and a ranger commentary. While underground viewing provides a panoramic view of the parade. Experience exceptional fun watching these little birds waddle to their burrows right in front of your eyes with the guidance of Executive Cars

Phillip Island Penguin Day Tour

Other Breathtaking Sites To Visit

Besides Phillip Islands Penguins Tours there are other magnificent sites that are worth the visit such as Koala Conservation Centre, Southern Gippsland Wine Trail and Churchill Island Heritage. However, you must carry warm clothes as the temperature generally dips during the evening. 

You can easily reach Phillips Islands and tourist spots by choosing to book your own private vehicle for a smooth journey. Book a ride that fulfills your every need — contact Executive Cars today and experience a smooth riding experience and a great tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to visit Penguins Parade? 

Early spring or late autumn is the best time to visit Penguins Parade since the place witnesses chilly weather after sunset.

Q. What are the things needed to watch penguins parade? 

Besides warm clothes and an umbrella or a raincoat, one needs to carry nothing in particular to watch the parade. 

Q. Are there any cafés to eat around Phillips Islands? 

There are a number of cafés at every attraction to munch snacks or sip a hot cup of coffee.



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