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Check These 5 Things When Hiring Wedding Transportation

Weddings are a legitimate event. Many of us imagine this day to be a perfect start to a new life where we will announce our love for our other half in front of a large gathering. Everything related to this must be perfectly planned from the decoration, venue, hotel, priest etc. last but not the least your transport is really important. Executive cars provides taxi to Melbourne airport for your wedding transportation.

During the wedding transportation is very important as buses and cars are needed to transport the guests from the residence to the wedding hall. Hiring a taxi to Melbourne airport is important to avoid any problem. While hiring wedding transportation for the guests, here are 5 things that you ought to remember:


Time and Location:

For a large group of people hiring a bus would be the best option. You need to know the exact time of the arrival of guests. For instance, if you book the bus for 7pm but the guests start arriving at 9pm you would still have to pay for the extra 2 hours. These wedding transport services are charged on an hourly basis. Thus, it will be more sensible to ask the guests to arrive at the pick-up spot at a specific time if they are to avail the hired transportation.

Contact in Hand:

Always keep a printed contract with all the details in your hand. Check that your agreement mentions the costs of base fare, deposit fee, gratuity and refund policies, model and number of the bus or car, arrival and departure time, etc. By having a printed contract with you will ensure that all the process is legitimate.

Keep in Mind your Budget:

Before hiring any transportation service, calculate the average amount of budget you can allocate to this as wedding is already an expensive event. Have a talk with the bus hiring travel agency to get an approximate value and then opt for the transportation.

Choose the Right Transport:

Depending on your budget and the number of guests choose your desired transport wisely. Order for any special arrangements you want for your guests.


Always check the total number of guests before hiring a transport service. It would be total embarrassment if the number of guests exceeds the total seating capacity of the vehicle. So, always count the number of passengers to avoid any hassle and for saving your money and time.

Executive Cars, has been in this travel and transport industry for long catering their customers with the best taxi hire Melbourne and also quality bus services in Australia. Now, enjoy a problem free wedding transport booking in these cities at affordable rates.