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5 Things You Should Ask Before Hiring a Luxury Transportation Service

Whenever you are planning a significant trip related to business or for attending a special occasion,Hiring a taxi to Melbourne Airport with Executive Cars could be a great option. When you are deciding to hire a service, there are a number of different elements to take into consideration. Five main things that you must consider specifically that will help to make sure that you get what you need out of your chauffeur service and that your trip goes as well as possible.


How are your chauffeurs trained?

You will not hire a mechanic to fix something in your house who is not professional, right? Same is the case with airport transportation service that you can’t hire unless their drivers are thoroughly trained.

At Executive Cars, our chauffeurs are professionally trained before being hired that includes a criminal background check and after being hired are checked for to random drug intake. Our drivers are also hardworking employees meaning our company invests our energy, time and finances to ensure our service is the best among the other transport agencies.

What level of insurance does the company carry?

Always hire transportation service if they don’t carry insurance. Never compromise your safety as it can result in a serious damage or death without being covered by the company’s insurance policy.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

It is difficult to predict when a vehicle may break down, but there are some precautionary measures you can take to maintain them. In the unlikely event a vehicle breaks down then the company you hire should have a backup plan to ensure you still arrive to your destination on time.

Executive Cars not only invests in vehicles built by authorized and reputable manufacturers that stick to all safety mandates. We also cohere to a very strict and regular maintenance and safety schedule to keep our vehicles in perfect condition, but if a vehicle does break down, we always have a backup plan in place to keep your day or evening plans moving in a timely manner.

Do You Have References?

When you hire a taxi to Melbourne airport, you must ask for some references. Simultaneous to any other service that you would hire please make sure that the luxury transportation service has a good reputation. Due to this, you should do some online research to get a sense of the service’s reliability and customer service reputation. You should also ask for references for past customers that can provide you with more detail.

What’s the Fee Structure?

Last but not the least you must understand the fee structure of the luxury transportation service. When you are hiring one of these services, there can be a number of costs that can be incurred. These costs can include registration fees, mileage fees, fees for time, and driver fees. If you are not fully clear about how all of these fees work, you could end up being charged a higher amount than you would have expected. You should make sure you have a clear understanding of the cost structure due to all this.